JavaScript | Print first letter of every word in the string

Input: S = "bad is good"
Output: big


1. Traverse string str. And initialize a variable v as true.
2. If str[i] == ' '. Set v as true.
3. If str[i] != ' '. Check if v is true or not.
a) If true, copy str[i] to output string and set v as false.
b) If false, do nothing


function firstLetterWord(str) {   let result = "";   // Traverse the string.   let v = true;   for (let i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {       // If it is space, set v as true.      if (str[i] == ' '){        v = true;      }      // Else check if v is true or not. If true, copy character in output string and set v as false.     else if (str[i] != ' ' && v == true) {         result += (str[i]);         v = false;     }  }  return result;}

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