JavaScript | Merge Two Sorted Linked List

Merge Two Linked List


  • We create an auxiliary array of size m+n
  • While traversing through both the arrays: Pick the smaller of current elements of arr1 and arr2, save the smaller value of both the arrays in the auxiliary array, thereby increment the positions accordingly.
  • Now copy the auxiliary array to arr1 as the final array should be arr1
// Definition for singly-linked list.
function Node(val) {
this.val = val; = null;

* @param {Node} list1
* @param {Node} list2
* @return {Node}
var mergeTwoLists = function(list1, list2) {
let finalList = new Node();
let head = finalList;

while (list1 !== null && list2 !== null) {

// Select the smallest value from either linked list,
// then increment that list forward.

if (list1.val < list2.val) { = new Node(list1.val)
list1 =
} else { = new Node(list2.val)
list2 =

finalList =

// It's possible that one linked list is shorter than the other, so we can just add the remainder of the last linked list.

if (list1 !== null) = list1
if (list2 !== null) = list2

// return .next because this first element in the linkedlist is empty




Working in Walmart as UI Developer | Mentor | React | JavaScript | HTML | CSS

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iAmSonika |

iAmSonika |

Working in Walmart as UI Developer | Mentor | React | JavaScript | HTML | CSS

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